Official Developer Program

We have opened up our API's to developers so that they may create utilities, scripts, programs, bots, and other software packages to aid players in playing The Lacuna Expanse, managing alliances, and more.

Developer Program Rules

  1. You will not use your software for malicious purposes of any kind including but not limited to attacks, theft, or abuse of Lacuna Expanse players, servers, the web site, or Lacuna Expanse Corp.
  2. Your software will not violate the Terms of Service, Rules, or Privacy Policy of The Lacuna Expanse.
  3. Your software will not interfere with Lacuna Expanse Corp's ability to monetize The Lacuna Expanse.
  4. Your software will not exploit bugs in the game server, or enable players to cheat* in any way.
  5. Your software will be as efficient as possible with it's calls to the servers so not to overload or tax the servers unreasonably.
  6. The use of your software will not allow a player or players to interfere with the enjoyment of players not using your software.
  7. These rules are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to visit this page regularly to keep up with changes.
* Cheating is defined as circumventing the rules to gain an advantage other players don't have. Cheating will be determined at the sole descretion of Lacuna Expanse Corp.