Game Rules
This document serves as a code of conduct for playing The Lacuna Expanse and augments the Terms of Service.
  1. Inactivity on your account will be treated as abandonment. If you or your sitter do not log in to your account for 20 consecutive days, then your account will self-destruct.
  2. Treat all members of the staff, community, and players both in and out of the game with respect at all times. Avoid vulgarity, humiliation, and harrassment of anyone at all times.
  3. Do not steal from or scam other players. Stealing is taking something from another player without their permission. Scamming is stealing through misrepresentation.
  4. Software defects (also called bugs) may not be used to anyone's benefit. If a player discovers a bug, they are duty bound to report it on the Support Forum.
  5. Do not ever give out your password to anyone under any circumstances ever. If you want someone to log into your account, give them your sitter password. Likewise, if you are using any software to connect to the game other than the official clients, you should only use your sitter password with that software.
  6. It is forbidden to establish and maintain multiple accounts on the same Lacuna Expanse server.
  7. All other rules are enforced by the game server itself.
Any violations of these rules or the terms of service may result in harsh in-game penalties, or even termination of your account without refund.